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Uzbekistan Tourism Strategy

The development strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is an aggressive road map for the full realization of the tourist potential of Uzbekistan with an increase in tourist flow from 200 thousand to 5 million tourists per year by 2025.

Project in Tourism


The main constraints to tourism development in Uzbekistan are the following:

- visa policy;

- a small number of hotels and guest houses;

- underdevelopment transport, social engineering

- of infrastructure;

- the cost of airline tickets;

- no aggressive marketing master plan;

- lack of professional staff in the tourism industry.


Increase tourist flow to 5 million tourists a year by 2025.


This strategy is an essential component of our country's development and also defines the main goals, tasks, principles and directions of the state policy in the sphere of tourism.

Today tourism should become an engine of regional development, a link between commercial interests of different business spheres, priorities of state policy and cultural needs of society.

Uzbekistan has a huge potential for the development of domestic and inbound tourism. Formation and development of such tourism is the main objective of this strategy.

The development of these tourism products implies the need to develop a variety of tourism projects, including projects of national importance. National tourism projects include major projects initiated by the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

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