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Quantum Satellite Internet

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QSI operates in the field of Nano-Satellites, which is now the most popular type of satellites for diverse commercial usage. The low mass and high capabilities of Nano-Satellites makes them the preferable choice for constellations and applications in the New Space industry.

The satellites are placed carefully in synchronized orbits that circle the earth almost every hour and half. The satellites communicate between each other and each satellite beams down to in a circular footprint. The constellation thus creates a mesh in the sky where each satellite serves as both as a base station and a router.

QSI operates in the S-band frequency range that enables a very small device with patch antenna (8cm) or monopole antenna and low power consumption. The network of QSI is a narrow band communication network suitable for IoT, M2M, personal voice and messaging.


A constellation of Nano-Satellites (approximately 200), placed in carefully selected orbits giving equatorial coverage of the Earth, creating a global communication network for voice, data and instant messaging. Nano-Satellites are fully operational satellites with a mass of less than 10kg. Due to miniaturization of technology Nano-Satellites are capable to provide accurate altitude and orbit control and communication services. Since the first Nano-Satellite launch in 2003 they became the most popular type of satellites in space for diverse commercial uses. The low mass and high capabilities of Nano-Satellites make them an affordable building blocks for constellations.

Competitive Advantage

QSI communications constellation shall be the first fully autonomous network based on the following:

  • 4-way inter-satellites links
  • Onboard orbit control
  • Autonomous optimal network management
  • Fully independent space segment


Voice and instant messaging for over than 4 billion people currently without ANY mobile coverage.

  • Band width satellite communication providers
  • Machine-to-Machine
  • Real-time tracking for airliners and shipping companies
  • Complementary service for cellular networks in Latin Americas, Asian and African regions with poor coverage
  • Ad-hoc disaster and crisis areas solutions
  • Premium secure services


Ministry of Innovation of Uzbekistan


Clyde Space (Великобритания) 


Investment documents will be available upon request


Required investment - 120 000 000 USD

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