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"Perpetumobile is an innovative company founded in 2017.
The goal is to create a new generation of electric car, which is a revolutionary "Bionic Car".

Project inTransportation


With in-wheel motor, up to 20% power regeneration system, durable ever battery pack and zero emissions, Perpetumobile's products would be cars without compromise. Our plan is to create world's most affordable series of electric vehicle: hatchback SUV Cars for business, Buses, Trucks and ultimately VTOLs.

Our Electric Vehicle has no analogs in the world. Perpetumobile connected more than 20 Universities and professors around the world in order to create unique product. We were able to get on board scientists from John Hopkins University, University of California Irvine, Toronto University, She eld University UK, Pohang University South Korea, and Kyushu University Japan numerous R&D companies from Europe and USA. In synergy we have created "Bionic Car". We have completed 1st stage of R&D and premises are intriguing. With current demand for Electric Vehicle, Worldwide Ecological issues, upcoming shrinking deposits of oil, our product will revolutionize the automobile industry as apple changed the landscape of mobile industry.


A high end city car designed for high performance in an urban environment with a focus on sustainability and a futuristic user experience. Perpetumobile vehicle with two seats in tandem, but with expandable seating possibilities, and a premium target price of 15,000 $:

  • 240km range
  • 130km/h top speed
  • 2 In wheel motor
  • Dual motors output of 120kW
  • 26kWh battery pack, DC fast charging
  • 25min from 20-80% on standard charge
  • 900kg gross weight

Stay Connected

Enjoy fast and continuous access to the cloud and to the rapidly advancing transportation infrastructure of the world’s smart cities.

Born Digital

Experience our innovative cockpit design and digital vehicle controls designed to be as easy, intuitive and fun as using your smartphone.

100% Electric

Skip the petrol station and save trips to the charging station with plenty of single-charge range to get you where you need to go.

Modern Safety

Feel secure having our comprehensive sensor suite and intelligent safety technologies (ADAS) help you avoid crashes before they happen.

Sustainably Built

Gain peace of mind knowing our choice of vehicle materials and manufacturing processes will do their part to reduce our carbon footprint.

Fleet Ready

Invest wisely in vehicles that are purpose-built for the technical, operational and financial needs of businesses and car sharing services.

Progressive design

Make a bold statement with Uniti’s forward-looking styling, iconic profile and Scandinavian-inspired details while enjoying a state-of-the-art driving experience in our comfortable, 2-seat cabin.


Ministry of Innovation of Uzbekistan


Elaphe (Slovenia)


Investment documents will be available upon request


Required investment - 50 000 000 USD

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