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The company will manufacture reusable rocket fleet and carry out activities in the field of providing a satellite resource, in particular launching low-Earth orbit satellites for further exploitation in telecommunications and other industries.

Project inSpace

Interstellar is creating the first autonomous rocket factory + launch sevice

We are an orbital launch company that will deploy and resupply satellite constellations with industry defining lead time and cost.

Our entirely new process to build and fly rockets will redefine how we access space to connect our planet.

Relativity's technology builds toward our long-term goal of 3D printing the first rocket made on Mars.

About company

The company plans to attract investors and leading companies in the field of satellite activities for the development of this industry in the region.

At the moment, the main companies in the world of the space industry are managed by private business, for example, the company "Space-X" has become one of the most expensive private companies in the world.

We plan to create a company with the involvement of a foreign investor, which will act on the example of the Russian company Gazprom Space Systems - this company provides a satellite resource. About 85% of the capacity of Yamal satellites is realized by direct sales of satellite resources. Consumers are, as a rule, large service providers with their own ground infrastructure, which render services on the basis of this resource to end users. The ground infrastructure of Gazprom Space Systems allows the company to use about 15% of the resource of Yamal satellites to provide satellite telecommunications services.

Consumers of these services are the state and corporate sector, TV and radio companies, service providers, working with individual users. As a developer and integrator of space systems and their elements, the company is working on the design and creation of payloads for communication satellites, broadcasting, remote sensing, ground control systems, digital on-board control platforms and other key components of satellite systems. Currently, this activity is carried out mainly within the framework of its own investment projects aimed at developing the space infrastructure of Gazprom Space Systems, but it is ready to do similar work for external customers. To perform these works, the company has an appropriate license from the Russian Space Agency.

Our goal is to launch our own low-orbit satellites through which we will provide services to provide a satellite resource for telecommunication companies, large service providers with their own terrestrial infrastructure that provide services to end-users on the basis of this resource.

A new way to build

Relativity is creating the rocket factory of the future:

  • Полностью 3D-печатная ракета
  • The first fixed tooling-free, evolvable factory
  • A proprietary building-sized metal 3D printer - Stargate
  • Intelligent hardware + software
  • Robotic automation enabled by low part count

Complete printing of our rocket, Terran 1, reduces vehicle part count from nearly 100,000 to under 1,000 components - and is the first step toward an entirely autonomous factory.

A new way to design

We are accelerating the design process by removing barriers between the digital and physical worlds.

The first result is our engine, Aeon 1:

  • Over 100 tests in < 14 months’ development from scratch
  • No compromises: one of the highest-performance-per-dollar rocket engines in the world
  • Oxygen + methane propellants
  • Highly scalable architecture

A new way to design

We plan to be the orbital launch services leader for satellite constellations.

A new way to fly

But that is just the start. The creation of entirely 3D printed + automated rockets is intentionally on-path to the core reason we started Relativity in the first place: Our Mission.


Co-initiator of the project - Ministry of Innovations of Uzbekistan


Q-Technologies (Hong Kong)


The whole package of investment documents will be provided after the negotiations.


Required amount for production expansion - from 120 000 000 $

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