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Creation of a concept of national aerospace activities in Uzbekistan

Creation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On education
of the Uzbek space agency
of Uzbekspace research and technology

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In modern conditions wide use of achievements of a world science and innovative activity becomes the major factor of dynamic and steady development of all spheres of vital activity of a society and the state, construction of worthy future of the country.

During the past period, the necessary infrastructure for the development of science and technology has been created, and a certain intellectual and technological potential has been formed.

At the same time, the following systemic problems, insufficient use of existing opportunities and potential for the development and implementation of innovative ideas and technologies hinder the effective implementation of the planned reforms and the accelerated innovative development of the country, in particular:

Firstly, there is a lack of proper comprehensive analysis and study of achievements and trends in the development of modern science and innovation technologies in the development of government programmes, as a result of which these programmes are often aimed at eliminating the consequences of problems and do not address long-term development issues;

second - the current state of organization of fundamental and applied research does not provide proper conditions for full implementation and practical introduction of innovative ideas and developments;

Third - the absence of a single body providing strategic forecasting, support and implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies, the disparate functioning of research and information and analytical institutions do not allow for the full integration of science, education and production, which reduces the effectiveness of research;

fourth - deficiencies in the organization of activities to identify priority areas and industries requiring the priority introduction of high technologies, know-how and modern developments, lead to technological backwardness and limited production of innovative goods (works, services);

Fifth, the predominance in some cases of narrow-managed interests in the organization of R&D and implementation of innovative ideas and developments is one of the reasons for the irrational use of budgetary resources;

Sixth, due attention is not paid to the application of public-private partnerships in the implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies, as well as to improving the infrastructure for the introduction of innovative products;

Seventh, there is a low level of cooperation with foreign (international) organizations that have high experience and potential in the development and implementation of innovative products, as well as their use in solving urgent problems of development of domestic science, industry and the economy as a whole.

These circumstances demand radical improvement of institutional and organizational-legal bases of public administration in the sphere of organization of development and introduction of innovative ideas and technologies.

In order to ensure accelerated innovative development of all sectors of the economy and social sphere on the basis of advanced foreign experience, modern achievements of world science, innovative ideas, developments and technologies, as well as in accordance with the tasks set out in the Strategy for Action on five priority directions of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017 - 2021:

1) Define the main directions of innovative development of the Republic of Uzbekistan:

creation of a strategic planning system that would allow for the formation of future models of innovative development of priority spheres and industries based on long-term scenarios of increasing the country's intellectual and technological potential;

introduction of innovative forms of public administration, ensuring optimization and simplification of procedures for provision of public services, increasing the efficiency of public administration bodies;

comprehensive analysis and forecasting of the activities of government agencies and organizations to improve the living standards and quality of life of the population, to ensure the growth of their welfare, as well as the formation of modern infrastructure for the development of science and innovation, capable of providing the necessary conditions for sustainable growth of socio-economic potential of the country;

wide attraction of investments into the sphere of development and implementation of innovative ideas and technologies, improvement of the legal and regulatory framework ensuring their further development;

full support and encouragement of research and innovation activities, primarily creative ideas and developments of the young generation, as well as creation of favorable conditions for the active participation of talented young people in these activities;

Creation of effective mechanisms for the promotion and implementation of promising domestic achievements in research and innovation activities, including the organization and strengthening of the material and technical base of scientific and experimental specialized laboratories, high-tech centres, technology parks and other innovation-oriented structures, including those with the participation of foreign investors;

Active introduction of environmental, resource and energy-saving technologies, including through extensive use of alternative energy sources, modern forms of water treatment and desalination, and its rational use;

Widespread introduction of advanced technologies in the area of health care that allow for early detection and prevention of diseases, timely and effective treatment, and the creation of a comprehensive system aimed at fostering a healthy lifestyle in society and fostering a healthy generation;

promotion of innovative ideas, developments and technologies in the agricultural sector, including new breeding varieties of agricultural crops that contribute to the efficiency of production and export potential of agricultural producers, strengthening food security of the country;

Accelerated introduction of modern information and communication technologies, industrial and other innovative technologies that ensure comprehensive development of the real sector of the economy;

Expansion of cooperation with leading foreign (international) organizations in the field of innovation activities, including through their involvement in the domestic market of know-how production, nanotechnology and high-tech goods (works, services).


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