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Ministry of Innovation

Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-5264 of 29 November 2017 "On establishing the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan", as well as Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-3416 of 30 November 2017.

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It implements a unified State policy in the area of innovation and scientific and technological development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, aimed at the comprehensive development of public and State life and the enhancement of the country's intellectual and technological potential;

carries out an assessment of innovation activity based on the indicators of its effectiveness, defines the main directions of development of the relevant industries and areas requiring the primary introduction of advanced technologies;

Coordinates the activities of public authorities, research, information and analytical institutions and other organizations on the implementation of innovative ideas, developments and technologies;

is a single customer for state scientific and technical programmes and projects implemented by research, education and other institutions;

Within the framework of the assigned tasks, it examines the state of affairs in state bodies and other organizations, collects and summarizes proposals for improving innovation activities;

is financed from the State budget of Uzbekistan and from other funds not prohibited by law.


Development and implementation of innovations in state and public construction taking into account long-term scenarios of the country's development, as well as definition of the strategy of development of priority and prospective directions of scientific research and advanced technologies that ensure the progress of society and the state;

Strategic and proactive planning to ensure accelerated economic development in the face of rapidly changing world conditions;

comprehensive analysis and forecasting of the activities of government agencies and organizations to improve the living standards and quality of life of the population, to ensure the growth of their welfare, as well as the formation of modern infrastructure for the development of science and innovation, capable of providing the necessary conditions for sustainable growth of socio-economic potential of the country;

introduction of innovations aimed at modernization and intensive development of agriculture;

introduction of innovations in social development, including in education and health care systems;

introduction of innovations into environmental protection and environmental management systems;

definition of priority directions of the state scientific-technical and innovation policy and approval of the state scientific-technical programs of fundamental, applied and innovation research on the grant basis;

introduction of modern technologies taking into account long-term development scenarios of the country aimed at development of know-how, expansion of innovation activity and market of competitive scientific and technical products;

development of international cooperation and improvement of the legal framework for the introduction of innovative ideas, developments and technologies.


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